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After the most ridiculous week of my life, we were finally at the apex of the wedding celebration.  First up was the Sangeet on Friday and then the actual wedding on Saturday.   Friday we all took quite the lie in.  It was necessary to prepare for what was to come. I took my only […]

After my Wednesday night reprise, I was all ready for whatever the rest of the week was going to entail.  I yet again got up and had a wonderful and leisurely breakfast (consisting of chai and toast) in the hotel restaurant, and then fancied up for the mehndi party. So, mehndi is what one might […]

Wednesday morning allowed a bit of a lie-in, and then over to Slim’s place to make a plan for the day.  Us ladies still needed another dress and other such things, so that was the main goal for us to accomplish.   First order of business was to go to a lovely western-ish restaurant that […]

When we last left our intrepid crew, we had just wrapped up our first full day in Mumbai.  After a good night’s rest and a leisurely morning to sip chai and eat toast in our hotel restaurant, we were all ready and refreshed for a full day of events.   First up was the Puja. […]

Beginning on Monday (6/30), wedding events started in full swing.  Indian weddings are.. well, they are a production unlike anything I could have even imagined.  There is a full week of events, both traditional and non (ie. partying your butt off).  It is most certainly the nuptial equivalent of a marathon and not a sprint. […]

One of the best parts of going to India was the people I traveled with and met.  I was particularly excited to meet Mama and Papa Kadam and they were even more wonderful than I could have hoped for.   After a weekend to be not-remembered in Goa, we returned to Bombay to commence the […]

Before I even had a chance to get my bearings, we were once again off to the airport and off on another flight.  This was the first chance we had to meet Aanchal (the bride) and various other people who were also along on the adventure, but I was so tired I barely registered a […]